Containerized Shipment and Sales

Unlike any other trader, Hoffman inspects at both the supplier’s yard and at the final destination. Providing mills with photos and videos of the scrap loaded into containers in real-time, whether bound for India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, or other destinations.

Hoffman personally ensures quality control at the loading yards.

Additionally, in many countries, Hoffman employs inspectors who visit the discharge site, either at the port of discharge or at mills, to ensure quality control.

"Inspect on both ends" is Hoffman’s unique approach to mitigating and avoiding large, often problematic claims and disputes between suppliers and end-user steel mills.


Hoffman Iron and Steel has developed relationships with Port facilities, Stevedores, barge lines and railroads throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern US regions.

As a result of these alliances, HIS has access to port property to store and stockpile scrap and/or steel as well as competitive logistics rates.

HIS arranged for container transport of various lines, obtains bookings and coordinates supplier shipments to adhere to port time constraints.

The coordination of logistics allows for seamless deliveries to mills throughout Asia.

Steel Mill Consulting and Siting

Hoffman has consulted for mills in Turkey, Indonesia and China.

In each case Hoffman’s consultancy has produced a lower overall cost of ferrous raw materials while achieving higher yields and more consistent chemistries. Hoffman has designed scrap facilities adjacent to various mills so they can more efficiently process, handle and feed scrap into their furnaces.

Hoffman has also done feasibility studies by surveying various locations to determine the amount, type, quality and price of ferrous scrap in the local area to assist mills to make their decisions between various locations to site their mill.

Government Relations

Hoffman Iron has cultivated relationships with US government policymakers and legislators at both the federal and state levels.

Instrumental in forming policies favoring local steel production, lower CO2 emissions, increased awareness of steel recycling benefits, and government-friendly policies toward scrap recycling and steel manufacturing industries.

AI Consulting for Recycling Facilities

Hoffman Iron has partnered with Greenspark Software to integrate cutting-edge software into scrap yard operations.

Implementing Greenspark software enhances efficiency in intake, inventory control, dispatching, and integration with numerous accounting packages, streamlining scrap yard operations from scale purchase to sale and delivery of finished scrap deliveries.

Recycled Metals Contributor

Hoffman regularly contributes articles to the new CRU/SMU publication named the “Recycled Metals Update”.

These articles provide weekly updates on market trends, domestic and international ferrous scrap pricing, and updates on the steel and steel scrap industry.


Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Hoffman Iron is proud to be a member of the Trade and Government Relations committees within the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).