An Integrated Steel and Ferrous Scrap Procurement, Logistics and Trading Company

01. Introduction

Hoffman Iron and Steel LLC (HIS) has been a prominent player in the global iron and steel market since 2008. Specializing in scrap procurement and steel marketing, HIS has sold substantial quantities of containerized scrap in Asia and directly to steel mills in Vietnam. Notably, the company consulted for Indonesia's second-largest steel mill, optimizing raw material procurement and refining chemistry. With partner processing facilities and alliances in the US, HIS ensures a reliable supply of high-yield, low-residual ferrous scrap. The innovative integration of scrap procurement and steel marketing sets HIS apart, allowing for tailored solutions to clients' needs. Leveraging strategic alliances and a robust logistics network, HIS facilitates seamless deliveries to mills worldwide, making it a preferred sourcing company globally.

Business Overview

01. What We Do

Since 2008, HIS has sold thousands of tons of containerized scrap throughout Asia and in 2017 we commenced selling directly to steel mill clients in Vietnam. In 2016, HIS consulted for the second largest steel mill in Indonesia by living on property and assisted with all raw material procurement including scrap, billet, slab and pig iron as well as improving melt yield and refining chemistry through a more effective scrap melt mix. From 2012 - 2014, HIS consolidated, loaded and sold many 45,000 ton bulk cargoes from the US to Turkey, and is currently selling 1500 to 3000 ton barge loads to US domestic steel mills.


Hoffman Iron and Steel has partner processing facilities and established alliances with scrap suppliers in the Southwestern US, Texas, US Gulf coast and Southeastern US which allows for a consistent and reliable supply of of ferrous scrap. Hoffman's unique grading methodology allows Hoffman Iron and Steel to supply the highest yield low residual scrap available in the United States.


Hoffman Iron and Steel has developed relationships with Port facilities, Stevedores, barge lines and railroads throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern US regions. As a result of these alliances, HIS has access to port property to store and stockpile scrap and/or steel as well as competitive logistics rates. HIS arranged for container transport of various lines, obtains bookings and coordinates supplier shipments to adhere to port time constraints. The coordination of logistics allows for seamless deliveries to mills throughout Asia.


Hoffman has consulted for mills in Turkey, Indonesia and China. In each case Hoffman’s consultancy has produced a lower overall cost of ferrous raw materials while achieving higher yields and more consistent chemistries. Hoffman has designed scrap facilities adjacent to various mills so they can more efficiently process, handle and feed scrap into their furnaces. Hoffman has also done feasibility studies by surveying various locations to determine the amount, type, quality and price of ferrous scrap in the local area to assist mills to make their decisions between various locations to site their mill.


Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Hoffman Iron is proud to be a member of the Trade and Government Relations committees within the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).