Ferrous scrap Stock Pile in Houston

US Domestic Scrap Procurement

Hoffman Iron and Steel has partner processing facilities and established alliances with scrap suppliers in the Southwestern US, Texas, US Gulf coast and Southeastern US which allows for a consistent and reliable supply of of ferrous scrap. Hoffman’s unique grading methodology allows Hoffman Iron and Steel to supply the highest yield low residual scrap available in the United States.

Ferrous Scrap, Izmir, Turkey

International Bulk Scrap Sales & Transportation

Through 25 years of international trading experience, Hoffman Iron and Steel has established relationships with steel mills globally. Hoffman’s expertise in bulk scrap sales allows him to sell scrap cargos to scrap consuming mills throughout Europe and the Middle East as well as purchase finished steel from those same mills.

In conjunction with scrap sales the company has relationships with leading bulk vessel charter agents which allows HIS to charter vessels (spot or time) at competitive rates, negotiate Charter party terms, draft stowage plans, and supervise and manage scrap loading and steel discharging operations to provide seamless logistics whether in bulk scrap export sales or steel imports.

Bulk cargo transport

Containerized Scrap Shipment & Sales

Hoffman Iron and Steel arranges for container transport of various lines, obtains bookings and coordinates supplier shipments to adhere to port time constraints. The coordination of logistics allows for seamless deliveries to mills throughout Asia.

Hoffman’s relationships with rail, trucking and liner service companies allow for efficient and cost effective scrap transport both domestically and internationally.

Finished Product

Finished Product Sales

Hoffman Iron and Steel has established strategic alliances with steel mills to allow for transparent back to back sales to service centers throughout North America.

HIS Platts Presentation, Chicago 2015

Market Information

The company’s chairman, Philip Hoffman, is personally in contact with numerous scrap suppliers in the US and abroad as well as and domestic and international steel producers which has allowed him to develop a unique perceptive of the global ferrous scrap, iron ore and finished steel markets. As a result of Hoffman’s 20 plus years of experience he understands how these markets interrelate and the relevant factors that impact them.

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Sub Title

Consulting & Expert Witness

Hoffman Iron and Steel has consulted for major steel mills in Asia and Europe on mill placement, scrap sourcing and ways to improve scrap quality and yield.

Expert witness: 
The company Chairman, Philip Hoffman, has served as an expert witness in disputes between steel producers and scrap suppliers. His track record is that all findings to date have been on the side of his client.

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